How to Benefit When People Unsubscribe

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Are you worried about the number of people who unsubscribe from your emails?

Stop Worrying!

It’s not personal, it’s business and importantly, unsubscribing can be really good for business.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to unsubscribe from any email list that didn’t provide valuable information to me, either personally or professionally.

And that should be the focus of your subscriber list and the content you share:

Provide Value

As a business owner, this is what you need to know and do to benefit from your subscriber numbers:

1.Pay Attention to Them All

Not just the increases and decreases, include the open and click rates. Start with a clear understanding of why you have a subscriber list and look at how the numbers help you achieve that objective. If not, what are you going to change?

2. When your Subscribers Increase

Question the reason for the improved subscriber rate, don’t just celebrate it! Did you try a different marketing technique? Was it from a lead magnet or did they flow through from your sales funnel? Is this a reflection of a great conversion rate?

3. When your Subscribers Decrease

Did you provide them with an opportunity to tell you why they unsubscribed? Have you looked at the reasons and is there a pattern? Was a particular email a trigger  for an extraordinary number to unsubscribe? What can you change to improve this? Did you offer a free opt in bonus and you aren’t delivering on your promise? Or is the freebie inconsistent with the subsequent information you provide?

4. When your Subscribers Don’t Open Emails

A high number of subscribers means nothing if they don’t open your emails.

You want action, not ego based numbers

Look at your subject lines. Compare them and see which ones motivate your subscribers to open your emails. There are numerous studies about the type of subject lines that work, but you need to test and assess these against your own subscribers.

5. When your Subscribers Don’t Click on Links

The objective of your email is to engage your audience, which you achieve by providing value to them. You can measure this through the open and click rates. Are they making a purchase, sharing the email or clicking on the links? Did you lead them back to your website or achieve the purpose of sharing the content?

All these statistics should be readily available through your emailing and CRM systems. If not, you are playing darts in the dark and betting on luck to get you through.

Remember, your business marketing emails should be based on quality over quantity, your ideal customer preferences and delivering valuable content to your subscribers.

Don’t take them for granted, you’re a guest in their inbox and your invitation can be revoked at any time.

If you need advice on your marketing strategies or think a website traffic audit sounds like the solution, then reach out. We are your snowed under solution.

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Rebecca Collett, Managing Director of Snowed Under Solutions Pty Ltd


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