Failure to Plan = Planning to Fail

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Online Webinar: It’s TRUE! Businesses Don’t Fail – They Fail to Plan

Date: Wednesday 2 September 2015, 12.30-1.30 (AEST)

Presented By: Rebecca Collett, Managing Director of Snowed Under Solutions in conjunction with Women’s Network Australia

RSVP: Friday, 28 August 2015

Do you want to consolidate your thoughts and dreams for your business and streamline how you can extract those amazing ideas you have inside your head – so you can take action?

Crystallising information and being accountable will help you to achieve a clear focus, whilst also eliminating that feeling of being overwhelmed by your workload and in turn regretting missed opportunities.

Having a flexible business plan will save you time and money. It is the framework for you to build upon, tailoring it to reflect your business, your goals, your vision and your success.

Good business planning means that your strategies work for you, allowing you to use them in your day-to-day operations. Good plans shouldn’t be left to stagnate.

In this online session we will talk about why you need to have a clear vision and thorough understanding of your business including your marketing strategy, what it means to manage your risks (good and bad) and why even a company with only one person needs to understand what corporate governance means. After this interactive online discussion you will have a clear path and refreshed direction for your business.

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