You can survive the challenges in business

"You can survive the challenges in business" Article by Rebecca Collett, Snowed Under Solutions

As the days unfold, different challenges appear – emotionally, physically and mentally.

I started the year skiing with 20 new and old friends. The ages, personalities and abilities of this group were massively varied, as were the challenges faced.

What was consistent, was how a person is revealed when challenges strike. I have to say it was an incredible privilege to see a person with no artifice or emotional camouflage, even if it was only for a moment:

  • The comedian who was the first one to ski over a ledge to rescue someone
  • The big hearted one who needed reassurance and a hug
  • The focussed and committed one needing a reminder to enjoy the moment
  • The quiet one with so much to say if you listen closely
  • The gorgeous one who was just as beautiful on the inside as the outside

Yes, these are labels. And yes, we do judge people within seconds of meeting them, but what a revelation it is. When we have the opportunity to see the true strength, vulnerability and depth of a person, it blows you away.

Unfortunately, we don’t often have this privilege of seeing a person revealed, but when we do, we need to treasure and remember it.

During your business journey, you will be surprised at who will jump into a crevasse to help you and who will hover in the background. You will be surprised that the pillar of strength has vulnerabilities and those who appear the most vulnerable have immense power.

Cherish those who are truly revealed in the challenges and are there for you. Accept that there will be others who are great for a coffee and a laugh, as both are important.

You can survive the challenges in business and life, I know you can and I can show you how.

Wishing you all the best.


Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions

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