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Headquarters at Snowed Under Solutions is hectic at the moment.

I’m tapping back into my purpose (my “Why”) and letting my head and heart work together for the benefit of my business and sanity.

Recently I shared how not listening to my heart was the reason I couldn’t see what business direction I should take. As soon as I dropped into my heart and trusted my intuition, the answer was clear. Actually, there was no longer a question!  You can read about it here.

I remembered my ‘why’, my purpose.

Every decision since flowed easily from there and I encourage you to tap back into why you do what you do, not for the rational head reasons, but for the heart.

Even though my To Do List is long, juggling is constant and the days are flying by, it feels good because the changes are realigning my business with my purpose.

The key when making big changes, whether that is in branding, product, operations or in life, is identifying the starting point, and that point isn’t what you think!

Once I tapped back into the purpose for creating StartUp KickStart (the online tools designed for individuals who are thinking of starting a business), finding the change point was a lot easier.

It isn’t change for the sake of change, trend or influence.

Let me put it this way – making changes to the visual aspects of the website and products, would just be an activity in sourcing pretty pictures and design. Starting with the core of the business, the StartUp KickStart guides, updating them and imbedding the ‘why’ message in them, made identifying the imagery infinitely easier because the ‘right’ image jumped off the screen at me. I could see the connection between the meaning of the wording with the visual representation. That’s what makes it resonate with the viewer.

When I asked for the highly valued opinion of a photographer, who is also my target demographic, and the response was, “I love it! It screams ‘get up and go!” I knew I was definitely on the right track. It felt great, and anyone who has spent days working on a project will know, that kind of response makes you want to run around the office high-fiving and woooohooo-ing!

Here is a sneak peek at the new cover! A bit of a contrast from the previous dark version, isn’t it?

StartUp KickStart new cover image        StartUp KickStart old cover image

I would love to hear your opinions, even those that make me sit down, consider and not run around the room like a crazy person!

With head and heart, I wish you success. If you need help in discovering how you can successfully change your business, please contact me or subscribe here.


Rebecca Collett, Owner of Snowed Under Solutions & StartUp KickStart


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