Snowed Under Solutions Business Power Hour consultation

Discover the intensity of one

One Hour


One Focus, You

Light the Match

3-Month Coaching Package

This is your quick fix, focusing on your biggest concern that needs immediate attention. It includes:

  • A personalised questionnaire
  • One Power Hour
  • Two x 60 minute sessions
  • Three months of accountability & guidance

Start the Fire

6-Month Coaching Package

We’ll integrate solutions for the health of your business and your sanity. It includes:

  • A personalised questionnaire
  • One Power Hour
  • Five x 60 minute sessions
  • Six months of accountability & guidance
  • Integration of marketing & growth solutions

Free the Power

12-Month Coaching Package

This package is for the long term solutions, blending personal and business sustainability. It includes:

  • A personalised questionnaire
  • One Power Hour
  • Eleven x 60 minute sessions
  • Twelve months of accountability, guidance & strategic direction
  • Holistic and focused solutions for marketing, productivity, succession planning & work/life connection
  • Reviews of, and advice based on, your website traffic & structure, social media & subscriber activity

What Can We Talk About?

Here are some of the marketing and business coaching areas resolved for business owners just like you:

  • Can you tell me what to do with my website’s Google Analytics?
  • I use all social media channels, but they aren’t generating sales. Do I need Facebook &/or Google Ads?
  • Why do I need SEO or search engine optimisation; will it really get me on page one of Google? Is there an easy way to do this?
  • I’ve been trying to create a new business/product/website but I’m not making any progress, what can I do?
  • I’ve been so busy working in my business, I haven’t been marketing or generating new business. Now my old clients are drying up. What can I do?
  • My head is spinning with everything I need to do in my business, what’s my priority?
  • I’m interested in finding ways to make running my business easier and cut down on the toxic energy and emotional drains
  • How can I become a confident and effective entrepreneur who has the ability to support myself, my family and parents, while taking time to enjoy my life and success without feeling guilty about the money or the time away from the business or everyday commitments?

Not Sure it’s Right for You?

It is, but only if:

  • You want to break through the barriers
  • You’re seeking clarity in the information overload
  • You need an independent sounding board & someone to keep you accountable
  • You know you need to make a change for your wellbeing and for the business
  • You realise you don’t have to do it all on your own, even though you can!
  • You want access to a wealth of knowledge and experience on websites, marketing, self-publishing, governance, risk management & social media for new & established businesses

What is a Power Hour?

In this concentrated one-on-one with Rebecca Collett, you will receive: 

  • At least one brilliant idea to make an immediate difference
  • Focused attention on your needs
  • A strategy to move forward
  • Clarity, Relief & Support
  • Empathy, because Rebecca has been where you are now

Take Your Next Powerful Step:

  • Download the Power Hour Brochure for more information; link below.
  • Email Rebecca at if you have any questions and include your phone number. Rebecca Collett is the founder of Snowed Under Solutions and StartUp KickStart; read more about her here
  • Rebecca will call you and, if you click and want to proceed, you’ll be sent a questionnaire. Your responses will help focus your intention, enable you to gain the most from your coaching sessions and Rebecca will conduct research into your industry, concerns and/or business prior to your first coaching session.
  • Make the change you are seeking with confidence