Create a company you love, it makes all the difference

"One easy step to creating a great company culture" Article by Rebecca Collett, Snowed Under Solutions

There is an easy and all encompassing way of creating a company that you, your staff and others enjoy working in, on and for.

When you create or run a company, the last thing on your mind is company culture, core values or corporate responsibility.

Banish those words right now, because they all boil down to one thing.

Your mind is buzzing with product development and testing, branding, budgets, marketing, website creation and all the operational and production logistics that come with creating and running a business.

Company culture, core values, corporate responsibility – they aren’t as boring, pointless or as time consuming as you are thinking.

Bear with me – I’m going to make your mental shift on this topic quick, light hearted and meaningful.

Those three corporate catch phrases and policies (no matter how they are presented and packaged!), all boil down to one thing:

“Are you being a good person?”

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Apply that question to your actions, decisions, conversations and relationships in your business, personal life and professional life, because they all have a common denominator – YOU!

I’m not going to explain what being a good person means, because you already know that, but if you can live by and embody those principles, it will have a profound impact.

Why? Because you will be able to create a business and life that you love, which will therefore have a profound impact on you and others.

You will avoid creating a business where you:

  1. dread going everyday,
  2. struggle to find and retain staff, suppliers and contractors,
  3. are constantly looking for new clients to replace the ones who flee to the competition (those nice people down the road!),
  4. spend copious amounts of time answering complaints, internally and externally, and
  5. can’t look in the mirror.

So, I ask you, “Are you being a good person?”, for your sake and for those around you.

If you need help navigating the twists and turns of creating a great company that you love, please get in contact.

Wishing you all the best for creating a healthy life and business.


Rebecca Collett, owner of Snowed Under Solutions


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