Should you create an app for your business?

"Should you create an app for your business?" article by Rebecca Collett, Snowed Under Solutions. Distorted screen shot of app icons

Are you thinking of creating an app and making a fortune?

Do you think it is a good strategy to create an app for your business?

How many apps have you downloaded?

What number were free?

Which ones and how many have you deleted?

How many do you actually use on a daily basis?

Recently I conducted some research into apps and creating one. I was motivated after attending a presentation by a local engineer, launching “CallOut”. This is an app designed to help you find a tradesman quickly and without the organisational headaches of getting quotes and making a booking.

Sound good to me – and its free!

This is what I discovered in my app research:

  • 50 billion apps were downloaded on the Apple App Store by May 2013, that number was 100 billion by June 2015
  • 19,130 new apps were submitted for release in January 2016 on the iTunes store
  • A 30% commission is paid to Apple on each app sale
  • 89% of developers earn approx. 3% of the revenues
  • Budget – if you want to earn a living from making game apps the minimum needed is $40,000-$100,000
  • Going live is the very last step – plan and execute your marketing carefully in the lead up to the big day. This fact should be at the forefront of your strategy:

Top apps make it in the first two weeks of release and then drop in rankings, so plan for it.

The market, the technology, the demand and application are all changing very quickly.

You need to be extremely forward thinking if you want to create an app. I highly recommend reading, “How Apps are Changing the World” by Stephen Molloy. It looks at the ideas, theories, strategies and technologies behind apps. You’ll be able to make an informed decision about how, why and if you or your business could benefit from this investment.

2017 Update – there are a number of companies out there now offering cheap app creation services. Their service is similar to using a WordPress template – you can tailor it for your needs and company. For a bigger fee you can give them all the information and they will customise the app template for you as well.

Please get in contact with me if you are considering using an app in your business and I can help you through my business and marketing advisory services.

Wishing you innovation and inspiration.


Rebecca Collett, Snowed Under Solutions Founder

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