Discover your StartUp KickStart

What will you discover on your StartUp journey?

Life is too short to waste it doing something you don’t enjoy

We all have the ability but we hesitate

Fear holds us back

Taking action minimises fear

We have the ability to move beyond fear and towards a great life

These are just some of my revelations after starting Snowed Under Solutions Pty and its new sister company, StartUp KickStart.

Over the years, when asked what I did for a living, I explained about Snowed Under Solutions, however, it wasn’t what I did that intrigued people so much. It was that I’m so passionate about it.

You see, I love what I do. I don’t hate going to work. By spending some time initially, I managed to create a company I enjoy spending time on and in.

Strangers, friends, the guy in the local shop, networking associates…they all wanted to find out how they could find something they love to do, which would also generate an income.

Seeing them work through my StartUp steps, which enabled me to isolate my initial startup business idea, was so rewarding I wanted others to benefit from it.

So I streamlined the process, created easy to use tools and launched…

StartUp KickStart Logo

 Your best friend in discovering and launching your business idea.

StartUp KickStart enables me to share that journey with you, guiding you, motivating you and inspiring you to:

Reach for a great life, not just a good job.

I encourage you to take the first step on your StartUp journey – it’s amazing!

Wishing you the startup kickstart that you deserve.


Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions & StartUp KickStart

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