Define Your Purpose, Your True Purpose

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It’s that time of year again.

We buy into Valentine’s Day by the chocolate truckload and we are inundated with love hearts, Hallmark cards and cuddly toys!

Depending on where you are on the relationship spectrum, this will probably mean you are either:

A. seething over the commerciality,

B. nauseous after eating an entire box of chocolates on your own, or

C. you are staring doe eyed at the new love in your life as he hands you a bunch of flowers.

No matter what emotions you are experiencing this Valentine’s Day, they are fleeting. These feelings balance precariously on the influence and decisions of another person.

This is why I want you to focus on a relationship totally in your control. A relationship that consumes a large chunk of your time:

the relationship you have with your work life.

You have the option to have a nourishing relationship, not one that causes chocolate binges.

Just like all relationships, the work aspect of your life requires regular check-ups. You need to make sure it is healthy and heading in the direction you want. Don’t sit back, eat junk food and assume you’ll still be staring lovingly at your job in the future.

Are you ready to make the change?

These five strategies apply equally, whether you are working for yourself, someone else or are in the process of starting your own business:

  1. Take Action, Stop Reacting – It’s your life! Take control and stop being a passenger. If you don’t firmly grasp the wheel, you risk ending up at the destination of somebody else’s choosing, at the time that is convenient for them and being on the periphery of the benefits they will revel in.
  2. Define your Purpose, your True Purpose – You need to know why you are hopping out of bed every morning, working long hours and doing what you are doing. Here is a free tool to help you work out your true purpose.
  3. Say it Out Loud – Discussing a problem or concern works for strategy planning, problem solving and clearing the air. You’ll be able to build stronger connections with people and your business. Even if you are a solo-entrepreneur, find someone you can talk to whose opinion you trust. Bottling up the anger, frustration, exhaustion or confusion doesn’t help anyone. These negative feelings just fester and then ooze out onto those around you; despite your best efforts!
  4. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – Having a break from your business, your job or even your family can have huge benefits. I find taking time away from my business provides clarity. Distance builds enthusiasm, generates ideas, recharges the batteries and connects me with others outside the sphere of my business.
  5. It’s Time for Self Love – no one else knows what is going on inside your mind, heart and body better than you do. That is why you need to establish ‘Me Time’ parameters. This will enable and commit you to looking after yourself, because if your tank runs empty there is nothing left for you to share with anyone else. Working towards your true purpose will help top up the tank as well.

Love & Support start with you.

Don’t try to outsource them.

You deserve more.

If you are interested in more ways to find your true purpose and travel on a path of your choosing, please use the link above or contact me for a one-on-one coaching session. 

Give yourself a hug this Valentine’s Day and start the relationship that is a perfect fit for you.


Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions

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