How the head & heart work together in business

As the Founder and Managing Director of Snowed Under Solutions I help established businesses realise their full potential.

The insights I’ve gained from this and from leaping off the corporate ladder, are shared openly through the Snowed Under Solutions’ Blog.

If you want to know what motivated me to leave a steady income, security and international career opportunities, read on. I hope none of you have to receive such a painful kick to get you started.

The change was triggered when my older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. After Simone went into remission, I quit my 14 year career in financial services and travelled. I was driven to figure out what was missing in my life. Why didn’t my great job excite me? How I could ease the restlessness that gnawed at the heart of my wellbeing?

I explored different countries. Met incredible people. Ticked off a few items on my bucket list. Then, in less than a year I was told my sister now had leukaemia. I came home.

Sitting with Simone through numerous hospital stays, we worked on finding where my passions and interests intersected with my skills, whilst offering me the flexibility and ability to do what makes me profoundly happy.

It’s sad that it takes something so heartbreaking to make us realise that every day is exceptionally precious.

The master plan was made, the company registered, but I didn’t launch. My sister passed away three weeks before her 41st birthday. I became her executor and guardian to her grieving 13 year old son.

Life as we knew it changed forever.

Snowed Under Solutions opened for business three months after Simone’s death. It has evolved and taught me so much about myself, my capabilities and what I need in life.

Each day our head and heart needs to be connected. Each day we need to feel we are moving forward and acting with purpose.

Through the Snowed Under Solutions Blog posts I will continue to share my journey, business lessons and self awareness with you. Hopefully in each post you will find a word, sentence or concept that resonates with you and will help you through.

From my head and heart, I wish you courage in this time of awakening.


Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions


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