Marketing advice and strategies with Rebecca Collett, Marketing Consultant. Photo by Tania Gray

Taking the stress out of owning a business is what I love to do.

Sharing my insights, experiences, contacts, research, ideas and skills, enables you to develop your company and create the entrepreneurial life you dream of.

Running a business shouldn’t be done in isolation.

By using Snowed Under Solutions you’ll be able to focus on and enhance your strengths. You’ll breathe easier knowing you will be kept up to date, your project will be completed on time and you will receive professional service and advice throughout our relationship.

I’ve been where you are now. It can be tough trying to do everything yourself – creating a marketing strategy, designing a website and writing the content, developing automated client emails on Mailchimp…the list is endless.

Working with someone who has the ability and diverse experience to understand the complexities of your business and also what your target audience needs, is the stress relief you’ve been looking for.

We are your Snowed Under Solution.


Rebecca Collett, founder of Snowed Under Solutions

This is what we mean by saying, “We have diverse experience”:

  • Snowed Under Solutions has been thriving for 6 years
  • Public Relations & Media Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Publishing & writing experience (3 books authored & published, contributor of 2 books, plus numerous articles authored & interviewed for)
  • Startup knowledge (StartUp KickStart company founder & adviser)
  • Project Management (Prince2 Practitioner qualifications)
  • 14 yrs in Financial Services (Compliance Officer & Anti-Money Laundering Manager)
  • Holistic small business coaching, mentoring & accountability, including marketing
  • Business Award consultant & workshop presenter for local Chamber of Commerce
  • Website design and project managing the development of websites with third party providers
  • Avid skier, hence the naming inspiration for Snowed Under Solutions!

How does this help you and your business?

By taking advantage of Rebecca’s creative and technical skills, you’re free to focus on what you do best.

We’ll cut through the overwhelm, overload and over commitment with tailored solutions, including:

Do you want to enjoy running your business?

Press & Media Coverage


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“StartUp KickStart Journal: A Quick Nightly Brief” by Rebecca Collett, published Oct 2015. Available on request

“Cut the Red Tape: Making life easier for you, your loved ones and your executor” by Rebecca Collett, published Nov 2014. Available on Amazon

“Secrets of Success: Unlocking the Secrets of a Successful Life” Rebecca Collett contributing author, published Feb 2015. Available on Amazon

“Get Your Life Back” Rebecca Collett contributing author, published 2015. Available on Leaders in Heels

“Indulging without Gluten and Dairy” by Rebecca Collett, published 2007. Out of print