How to focus on what’s important

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When you are running a company, it is too easy to become caught up in your business.

You’ll lose sight of why you are pouring in the energy, time and money.

The Feeling of running a marathon with a moving finish line will overwhelm you.

You aren’t alone!

My days are split between creating products, marketing, website improvements, financials, bringing new ideas to life, helping clients realise their purpose, writing articles, making sure there is food (lots of food!) in the house for a teenage boy, award ceremonies, workshops, phone calls, homework help…

Not surprisingly, I’ve learnt a lot through my businesses and personal life about:

Juggling, Prioritising & Letting Things Go!

When I’m pouring in the energy and time, the tank starts to run on fumes. I know the results are just over the horizon, but the horizon keeps moving!

Below are some of the techniques that work for me. They enable me to help me to move beyond the distractions, focus on what’s important and let the rest go.

These work if you are a business owner or employee, and in your personal life as well:

  1. Celebrate – Every step counts. Make sure you celebrate and acknowledge each milestone, objective, action and achievement. The easiest ways to do this, is by assessing outcomes and creating a…
  2. To-Do List – Map out your week with obtainable targets that take into consideration your schedule, energy levels and focus e.g. you know Monday mornings aren’t your most effervescent time, even with two double espressos, so don’t overload your Monday. Exhausted on Friday afternoon? Use it for replying to social media comments. Need to write an article? Don’t schedule it for the day you have back-to-back meetings.
  3. 30 Minute Walk – Put on your sneakers, crank up the tunes or absorb the quiet. Do whatever works for you; just get out of the office or the house. Disconnecting will help you reconnect with your energy, focus and purpose. Nothing will fall apart in this time, I promise you!
  4. Reconnect with Your Purpose – As we become heavily involved in the day-to-day obligations and routines, we lose sight of why we are actually investing so much of ourselves in these tasks. Focus on what’s truly important and let the rest go.
  5. Reach out for Support – Feel like you’re working in a vacuum? It’s time to ask someone else for input, whether that is an expert, mentor, coach, support group, experienced colleague, other parents, friends…just pick the right adviser for the job! And remember, Snowed Under Solutions and I are always here to help with advice and informed implementation.

These five techniques will enable you to identify and focus on what’s important.

We are our most inflexible critics, the strictest bosses and imperious timekeepers. Be the boss you always wanted, not the one you didn’t want!

Here’s to changing your focus.


Rebecca Collett
Founder & Managing Director of Snowed Under Solutions


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