Discover if you should start a business

Should you Start a business?

There is a lot of hype about starting your own business. The media and government are both loudly touting the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur.

This sensationalism, the promise of 4-hour work weeks and running your overnight million dollar empire from a smart phone, are all very tempting!

Recently on the ABC’s Q&A program, even industrial relations expert Grace Collier said the unemployed could solve their problems by starting their own businesses. (See the video here)

Yes, there are many benefits if you start a company.

It’s energising, you are in control, flexibility abounds, choices are abundant, you have the power to generate money, create jobs and give back to your community.

All these benefits, however, come with their paradoxical negatives.

It’s exhausting. There is so much out of your control, flexibility means juggling priorities, you are responsible for every decision, you have the power to lose money, can’t find jobs or clients and you might not have any energy, support or time to give back to the community, let alone make dinner.

Working out if it is right for you, before you start a business, is priceless.

It can save you time, money and energy. Then, if you discover it ticks all your aspirational boxes, you need to identify the business idea that will get you out of bed when you know your to-do list is long and growing by the hour, there are five people you outsourced work to who are waiting for your input and payment, you’ve run out of coffee because you haven’t had a chance to go shopping and you still can’t figure out why adding a new FAQ to your website makes all the formatting fall apart!

That’s the reality.

Should you start a business? You are the only one who can answer that.

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Have fun!


Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions & StartUp KickStart

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