Target Audience or Ideal Client, what’s the difference?

"Ideal client or treat audience, what's the difference?" article by Rebecca Collett, Snowed Under Solutions.

When you think about your customers, do you consider them to be your…

Ideal Clients or Target Audience?

Some would argue these are the same and I would agree, up to a certain point.

Both require you to have a strategy, which then hopefully enables you to close the deal. Unfortunately, it’s a bit like dating – you have to understand your intentions.

Target Audience = A One Night Stand

To find your Target Audience, your strategy is faster, looking for instant results – you are on the hunt.

You identify a likely candidate and then sidle up for a chat, nothing too personal, revealing or memorable. Most of your conversation is about you, the Hunter, how wonderful you are and why they need you. Maybe offer the Target Audience a drink before suggesting going back to their place, enabling a quick escape later before they wake up.

Consequences – when they talk about the Hunter, the odds are it won’t be flattering. Also, hunting grounds will have to change frequently. Word inevitably will get around about the less than considerate hunting technique.

Ideal Client = A Relationship

Finding your Ideal Client is a slower, more considerate strategy that involves wooing.

Having completed your background research, you know which individuals will be compatible matches, but you want to get to know them better. This involves meeting them at different times and locations. You need to discover the specifics of who they are, what is going on in their life and what their needs are. You’ll be introduced to their friends and family, maybe get invited to their work Christmas party.

Consequences – there is no doubt about it, they will talk about the Wooer. You have impacted their life because you understand what they need and want. You are helping to alleviate pain points. They want to share that experience and knowledge with others who they know are going through the same thing or share similar concerns.

So, what do you want from your customers? will you…

Do you woo or hunt clients? Article by Rebecca Collett, Snowed Under Solutions

To find out how to discover and woo your ideal clients, please contact me and I can help you create a relationship that lasts longer than a one night stand.

Wishing you all the best


Rebecca Collett, owner of Snowed Under Solutions



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