Lessons in Branding (the hard way!)

StartUp KickStart was created for budding entrepreneurs to leverage off accumulated knowledge and experience so they could StartUp and Launch the smart way, not the hard way.

In hindsight, how could I build rapport and foster trust when I hid behind a veil of neutrality and anonymity? It didn’t make sense that the first version of my website had only one thumbnail of me and you had to go hunting to find it!

The changes in the revamped version place me front and centre (eeeekkkkkk!!!!) as I work on pushing my comfort zones, stomping over the Imposter Syndrome, owning what I have accomplished and stretching towards the new horizon.

The new images and content reflect this as they are genuine moments in life, with stories behind each one – no models or toothpaste commercial grins here! Most of the photos were taken by Tania Gray, so a huge thank you goes out to her for opening up her personal and professional photo album and allowing me to share these captured moments of excitement, energy and mindfulness.

A professional photographer, you can access Tania’s portfolio here.

Through my reconnection of head and heart, and the resulting changes to StartUp KickStart, I’m very happy to announce a new FREE guide that embodies our ethos of honesty, reality and support!

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Should you Start a Business? Becoming caught up in the sensationalism, the promise of 4-hour work weeks and sipping pina coladas poolside as you run your empire from a smart phone, is tempting. This free download cuts through the hype, reveals the reality and shares what you can do about it. You have a lot more options than you think.

There will be more tweaks and changes to come, because the last thing I want is a stagnating business! As I say in the free download and delve deeper in StartUp & Launch, you will never create the perfect idea, business or solution. That may sound harsh, but you’ll expend valuable energy, time and money trying to do so. Once you accept this, life becomes clearer, simpler and a lot less stressful!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about doing a half hearted job. I’m talking about doing your best with the resources you have and accepting that the world changes. Styles and preferences adapt. Industries develop. The needs of people shift.

By acknowledging that there is so much out of our control and that those changes will have an impact, positively and negatively, it makes you appreciate the evolutionary effect those changes can have. If you stay trapped in the idea of ‘perfection’, it stops you from moving forward and you will struggle to let go of what you thought was perfect, so…

Embrace your imperfections and move forward!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the design changes or the new products!

From the head and heart, I wish you all the best.


Head Honcho of Snowed Under Solutions & StartUp KickStart

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