You need more than business purpose and passion

Poppies Acrylic Painting by R Collett. Photo for "You need more than business purpose and passion" article written by R Collett

Purpose and Passion are buzzwords that keep popping up in interviews and articles, books and coaching.

Gurus and experts are telling us that if we live with purpose and passion then we will be happy and fulfilled personally, and our professional lives will flourish.

The reality is, no one can be happy 100% of the time and businesses cannot maintain an indefinite vertical growth trajectory. There will be frustrations and heartbreaks, setbacks and adjustments, chaos and accidents, life and death.

So much is out of our control, no matter how much we plan, prepare and mitigate. To provide a countermeasure to that, we need to factor ourselves in these control measures.

I’ve dabbled at art since I was a child, unfortunately years could go by without grasping a paintbrush or sketchpad. One of the main reasons I kept coming back to it, is that it is mine. I’ve never particularly cared what other people thought of what I created, though positive feedback is always nice!

There also wasn’t any conscious thought about whether there was Purpose and Passion behind it.

It wasn’t until recently, when the inspiration to paint was triggered by a casual comment, that I realised I had been missing the positivity that comes with creating something for myself, but also that I had been supressing it. Five years of building a business had made me lose sight of that.

So I’ve been making a mess, throwing myself into painting, building it into my day. Not judging or criticising. I’ve been exploring different techniques, researching and challenging myself.

It’s been great! I encourage you to factor yourself in, no matter what your day holds.


Acrylic Paintings by R Collett

If you don’t know what makes you light up and smile, here are some suggestions to help you:

  1. Identify the positive elements you enjoy, which make you feel invigorated, calm, restored or inspired.
  2. List the activities and pursuits that interest you and enrich your life, not the ones that make you richer, build your business or advance your career.
  3. Those mornings when you eagerly get out of bed, what is motivating you?
  4. Where do you lose track of time because you’re so enthralled in what you’re doing?
  5. When is there no purpose, no ulterior motive for what you are doing, but just the fact you love doing it?

It doesn’t have to be isolated to one thing. Neither does it have to be complicated or need heavy investment in time or money. It just has to be about you.

I would love to hear what lights you up, puts a smile on your face and recharges your batteries, so please share.

You could be someone’s inspiration.


Rebecca Collett, Owner of Snowed Under Solutions



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