Small Business Lessons Learnt So Far

It’s the third anniversary of Snowed Under Solutions!

On this milestone, I find myself back in the place where it all started, musing over the changes and the life altering lessons I’ve learnt.

I’m currently in Whistler Canada, in the same house, drinking from the same teapot and gazing at the same beautiful snow covered mountain.

It was here I decided not to return to finance and compliance. With distance and time, I realised the career I had invested so many years in, was not where I wanted to be.

I had defined myself by my job title. It wasn’t until I stepped away from it long enough, that I realised there was something wrong with that.

I was more than a title on a business card and a job description.

This is where the seed of change was planted and the idea to start my own business was born.

So, sitting here and reviewing all that has occurred, I decided to share some of the business lessons I’ve learned. They apply equally in dealing with personal relationships (adult and teenage!) and running a company.

Hopefully these life and small business lessons can help you avoid some headaches, dramas and setbacks:

  1. Step Up – Let’s face it, someone has to be the adult in the relationship. Burying your head in the sand, avoiding the phone or hiding out in the bathroom is not a solution. Step up and take the driver’s seat.
  2. Build a Bridge – Moodiness and tantrums all need a deadline. You’re allowed to briefly wallow in whatever mood you’re in, but then build a bridge and get over it.
  3. You aren’t the Only One – It might feel like you are the only one who has ever gone through this, but you aren’t. Don’t waste time, energy, emotions, thoughts, stress or money because you haven’t researched or spoken to others who have already experienced the same situation. Learn from their mistakes and experience.
  4. Stay True – It is easy to forget what you are trying to achieve and lose yourself in relationships and business. Take time out for youself and remind yourself what you are working towards and the people you are doing it for.
  5. Be the Compass – Knowing where you are heading, what is expected and what is acceptable from the beginning, saves a lot of arguments, sulking, grumbling and irritation. This simple technique works with adults, teenagers and children alike.
  6. Don’t Assume – We view and interpret everything through our own veil of experiences, which are different for everyone. It is better to ask the person up front what is going on, what they need or are experiencing, than make incorrect assumptions. You’ll suffer the consequences if you don’t.
  7. Night Tobogganing Courchevel 2016Let go of Perfectionism – Errors are good and are necessary for change. We are all flawed, vulnerable, become distracted or become unmotivated at times. This is because we are human. Accept it, appreciate it and try to understand the effort, thought or intention behind the action.
  8. Stagnation isn’t pretty in ponds or in humans – enough said.
  9. Be Flexible – Doing yoga is great, but be flexible in your ideas, behaviours and routines as well. Decide on what is really, truly important and let the rest go. If someone volunteers to chop onions, it doesn’t matter if they are diced, sliced or in chunks, be grateful to share the load and the tears.
  10. Take the Time – Life is indeed short and exceptionally precious and we have to make the most of it. However, don’t try to cram so much in, that you don’t take the time to enjoy each moment, each place, each hug, each laugh, every heart breaking moment. We are exceptionally lucky to experience each and every one of them.

The last three years have taught me a lot.

This includes the discovery that being more than a job title is fabulous and that it’s ok my “elevator pitch” only works in really tall buildings with exceptionally slow lifts. We all have a story that follows our name, not just two or three words that describe our job. This is why my elevator pitch morphs into coffee and then lunch, invitations to Christmas parties and long dinners, and that’s exactly how I want it.

You can read my story here and how in three years I moved from employee to entrepreneur, from no children to having a teenage boy. How I expanded Snowed Under Solutions through the launch of StartUp KickStart so other wannabe entrepreneurs can discover their story and business passion.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, my family, Snowed Under Solutions and StartUp KickStart as we grow, learn and adapt to this fascinating and changeable world.

Wishing you all the best in the next three years of your business.


Rebecca Collett, owner of Snowed Under Solutions

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