Small businesses become giants

Giants walked the streets of Perth.

An unbelievable 900,000 people welcomed them, followed them and stood in awe as they passed by.

This amazing feat was possible due to the vision, strength and unwavering purpose of Professor Fred Alexander, which he put in place in 1953.

How many entrepreneurs and CEOs today can say their vision will hold strong in 20 years, let alone 60?

“Above all, fight to prevent the … control of little men who would prefer to play safe, rather than take risks which might evoke criticism and so endanger their personal prestige.”

We can learn a lot from Prof Alexander.

From the very beginning he had a precise vision, which he articulated. This enabled others to stand firm when opponents wanted to steer them off course.

“Don’t let these men and women down by listening to carping critics who would have you produce the moon, preferably on a piece of home-made cheese; keep up your standards and seek the best that is available to you, wherever it may be found…”

Over 60 years ago, Prof Alexander knew the people who embodied the organisation, needed to remember why they were taking action. They needed to know why they were working so hard to make a change.

What was his driving motivation? To bring world-class events to the most remote capital city in the world – Perth. This was the birth of the Perth International Arts Festival.

We all have the ability to be giants and to call giants to us. The ability to stand firm against critics and those who would have us lower our standards, is within us. We don’t have to play it safe for the sake of others, their egos or their fears.

How? By painting the vision of your company in 60 years time.

Focus on what you are trying to achieve for others, not you, your critics or the little men that would hold you back.

By doing this, you have the strong foundation to keep you, and the people who work with you, on track indefinitely.

Maybe you could take some inspiration from Prof Alexander and what he evidently held dear:

  • Take risks
  • Don’t let your ego get in the way of making a difference
  • Maintain standards in the face of pressure and adversity
  • Strive for the best

I challenge you to spend some time today articulating and committing to paper what you envision. What values will you embody to keep you on track?

Who knows, maybe you will be walking with giants in next year. Contact me if you what you and your business to become giants.


Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions

PS – The Giants are the children of Royal de Luxe, a company of inventors, stuntmen, poets and scrap-dealers, led by Jean-Luc Courcoult. Their story is fascinating. It began with the idea that it was easier to reach an audience by going outside rather than dragging them into a room. We can learn a lot from them too!

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