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Why You Should StartUp & Launch


Creating your own business takes strength, patience and courage.

If you’re reading this, then you have been thinking about starting a company, making a change or trying to identify that missing ‘something’.

StartUp KickStart is where you can find the answers, discover your life changing options and reveal the elusive element you have been searching for.

We are in a time when incredibly exciting StartUps regularly make headlines. Good looking and fashionable entrepreneurs are pictured sunning themselves on gleaming yacht decks. Overnight millionaires are held up as shining examples of what we should aspire to. Even governments are trumpeting innovation and small business benefits to the country, the economy and the people.

To cut through the hype and understand the reality of being a business owner, download this free guide “Should You Create a Business: the Realities & Solutions”. As the founder of Snowed Under Solutions and StartUp KickStart, I help you delve into what is holding you back. You’ll discover how you can move forward with confidence and ways to identify your true purpose.

Marketing advice and strategies with Rebecca Collett, Marketing Consultant. Photo by Tania Gray

If you love what you do, the idea of work/life balance disappears and your life just becomes one thing:

a great life.

Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions as quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald

What I Know About Starting & Running  Businesses


I’m Rebecca Collett and I have a unique skill set.

After graduating with a BA in Public Relations and Media Studies, I spent a few years in London working in training and international banking, and using every spare minute to explore and travel! This was followed by a decade working in financial services, being promoted from Compliance Assistant to Compliance Officer and then to Anti-Money Laundering Manager.

This means I understand the corporate ladder, the sacrifices and the benefits, it also taught me to simplify the complex, condense a confounding flood of information and understand how to move forward from a position of strength.

These skills and experiences enabled me to change my life so I can live each day making true connections and helping others realise the change they crave. I do this through my own companies, advising, coaching and working with a vast range of business owners, involvement with multiple community groups and holding a Board position in a not-for-profit.

Everything I do to help budding entrepreneurs and established companies is directed by my true purpose, diverse experience and life changing events, which you can read about here.

Wishing you all the best in this exciting time of change


Snowed Under Solutions Founder

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