Remember why you started your business.

It wasn’t so you could work longer, harder and for less money!

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Snowed Under Solutions Business Power Hour consultation



This is an intense one-on-one Power Hour with Rebecca Collett where you will receive:

  • At least one brilliant idea & strategy to make an immediate difference
  • Focused attention on your needs
  • Access to a wealth of experience and clarity on marketing, publishing, risk, social media, startups & websites

Read the Power Hour brochure using the button below, then:

  • Email us your questions & include your phone number
  • Rebecca will call you so you can have a brief chat & see if you click and want to work together
  • You’ll be sent a questionnaire and set a time for your Power Hour
  • Completing the questions will focus your attention and ensure you gain the most from your Power Hour
  • Rebecca will also conduct research based on your initial conversation and responses
Rebecca Collett, business and marketing coach.



Running a business on your own can be hard, so it makes sense (and provides relief!) if you can speak to someone who understands what you are going through, works with a range of businesses and has the benefit of distance, objectivity and experience.

This option can be tailored to your needs, including brainstorming, coaching, feedback or completion, to assist with or create your:

  • Website Design, Structure & Updates
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Plans
  • Industry Business Awards
  • Becoming an Author & Publishing

Just let Rebecca know what you need as her experience is diverse, including marketing coach, risk management, publishing, public relations, website creation, social media, project management and startup founder.

Rebecca Collett, business and marketing coach.



If you need a detailed plan, policy or strategy to target a specific part of your business, then these templates with simple instructions and explanations are a great option for you.

They will also help with Business Award Submissions, if you are seeking funding or importantly, so you can stop worrying about the “what-ifs”.

Templates available:

  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Corporate Responsibility Plans
  • Sustainability Plans
  • Risk Management Plans & Risk Registers

We also tailor the following to your small business: Privacy Policies – internal, eternal & website, Corporate Governance and Conflicts of Interest