Two Simple Steps for Making Confident Life & Business Decisions

Two Simple Steps for Making Confident Life & Business Decisions without the fear

Recently I gave a Small Business Shout Out to Joy McClymont, owner and founder of ‘Off The Track Training’.

Through Snowed Under Solutions’ sister company, StartUp KickStart, I spread the word about new businesses, innovative enterprises and remarkable people who are pushing through the fear and making huge changes in their lives.

Joy McClymont continues to amaze me, not only because of the success of her business locally, nationally and internationally, but because she thought outside the box and created a business that can change lives. Joy managed to do this when most would have thought her idea to become a personal trainer while living on a remote station in Queensland, was foolhardy and illogical.

Looking at the business model, there are a few massive hurdles you would see straight away, including: “Aren’t farmers fit because they have to do a lot of manual labour?” and “How can you be a personal trainer when you are living in a remote location?”

These obstacles would result in most people avoiding this venture, however, on closer inspection, a bit of research or in Joy’s case, hands on experience, understanding and empathy, you discover most farmers do the same physical work every day with repetitive strain injuries. You now get the idea, farmers engaging in preventative exercise, really is a great solution for them to protect their health and therefore, their livelihood.

Also, Joy’s situation of living remotely on a farm gives her the ability to considerately support and bring together those who are physically isolated through her programmes, with the comprehension of what mental health impacts can be caused by this type of isolation.

It’s the so-called obstacles that make this business such a success.

So I challenge you to consider the perceived hurdles that are holding you back and identify what the true obstacle is, because we are all guilty of creating ‘obstacles’ to avoid taking action in life and business.

Working with numerous startups to help them identify their business idea and niche, while also working closely with existing business owners to change their current business model, has given me an insight into the most common reason we are held back from making a change. That common denominator is fear.

Fears aren’t necessarily unfounded and the fight or flight response has been saving us since the caveman days. The big difference is now you have the time and resources to weigh up the risks, address the consequences and put provisions in place as a safety net.

Below are two simple steps you can use to take charge of your doubting internal voice or the voice of others who are telling you that “you can’t” or “shouldn’t take” certain actions in life or business:

  1. Write down the reasons you’ve told yourself, or others have told you, for not doing something or, to put it another way, write down what you are afraid of.
  2. Then write down all the steps you can take to increase your chance of success.

How do those ‘obstacles’ look now? Is it worth the risk if you take the positive steps you’ve identified?

Only you can make that decision, but be honest with yourself and identify what’s truly holding you back.

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Wishing you all the best in business and life


Rebecca Collett, Managing Director of Snowed Under Solutions



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