What Women in Business are concerned about

Women normally have 3 million thoughts racing through their minds.

When we become business owners, these thoughts and concerns multiply.

A recent study revealed exactly what we are worried about.

Read the following and discover that, no matter how much it might feel like it, you aren’t alone. You are normal. There are solutions.

  1. Gaining new customers – 90%
  2. Creating a positive cash flow – 94%
  3. Maintaining existing customers – 81%
  4. Keeping expenses in check – 81%

To address these concerns, female entrepreneurs will focus 78% on marketing investments, including:Women in Business

  1. Websites – 88%
  2. Social Media Presence – 79%
  3. Mobile presence – 58% (Read about having a mobile-friendly site here)

These statistics were sourced from the 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

Here are the solutions they suggested to women in business so they could address their concerns:

  1. It’s time to get in the game
  2. Take customers’ online experience to the next level – interaction and customer care sets you apart
  3. Don’t go it alone – If you don’t have the know-how, find an expert to guide you through starting or growing your small business and evaluate the relationship from the perspective of a partner who can help meet and exceed your business goals.

This is where we can help you. We offer website content, SEO and design solutions, small business marketing advice and website traffic audits.

Women in business, we understand you.

If you are feeling snowed under and want to talk it through with someone who really understands what you are experiencing and your concerns, contact me today.

You can do this.


Rebecca Collett, Founder of Snowed Under Solutions



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