You need a holiday…


This article, an extract from Forge Magazine, looks at five successful entrepreneurs and why, how and where they take holidays.

As a business owner, no matter the size, it can be difficult to find the time and be able to be ‘absent’ from their businesses.

Being interviewed for this article made me focus on the reasons why and how I manage to take an extended holiday each year. This is why over the coming weeks I will be exploring and sharing the following:

  1. Why you need to take a vacation
  2. The benefits of breaking away from your business
  3. How you are able to take a holiday and still grow your business
  4. What other small business owners have to say to help you

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In this interviewed by Forge Magazine’s journalist, Kane Grose and you can find me in the Adventure section. Click here to access the article for free!

Not only will you discover the benefits of having a break from your business, you’ll also find travel inspiration for: Cities, Health & Wellbeing, Adventure, Family and Nature

Where do you picture yourself this year???


Rebecca Collett, Owner of Snowed Under Solutions



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